Cognitive neuroscience of response control

We study how people control themselves. In experimental psychology, this is the field of “executive function” or “cognitive control”. More specifically, we study the control of (inappropriate) response tendencies. We design behavioral paradigms that try to mimic response control in more naturalistic settings. And we study the underlying brain systems using various imaging and stimulation methods in healthy volunteers as well as neurological patients, and more recently in mice.

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This study used guided multivariate source separation of EEG to focus on a topography, time and frequency of intere… https://t.co/N8XIHZCUc6

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Join us for Control Processes 2019, May 16-18 2019! Applications to attend the meeting now open! Click on the link… https://t.co/W8mPvefI73

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Instead of g for general intelligence, here is p for a general psychopathology - a putative factor underlying all d… https://t.co/OXBk4JnEIN


  • With collaborators in Toronto we published one of the first studies to use event-related stimulation of the basal ganglia during a higher level cognitive task.
  • Welcome to Ricci Hannah, from London, who has joined as a postdoc
  • Adam accepts a board editing role at eLife
  • The lab has been awarded an NIH R01 jointly with Dr Hnasko’s lab for human-mouse translational studies!
  • Join the San Diego Basal Ganglia Dinner Group 2018