Cognitive neuroscience of response control

We study the control of (inappropriate) response tendencies. We leverage cognitive psychology to design behavioral paradigms that try to mimic response control in more naturalistic settings. And we study the underlying brain systems using various imaging and stimulation methods in healthy volunteers as well as neurological patients.

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- 28 days ago

Linking global motor suppression during stopping to oscillatory power in subthalamic nucleus https://t.co/XA3Dxrbown https://t.co/faVVGFWm8H

- 33 days ago

Great review. Situates (p)SMA in movement/control, then audition - sound and action linked? https://t.co/EaFCTdAJul https://t.co/gUEZJoJFD7

- 39 days ago

Review highlights exciting innovation on horizon to optimize Deep Brain Stimulation https://t.co/xYHF76CkjZ https://t.co/m2JHBF4BFL


  • Our new paper links the global motor suppression that occurs during stopping to the level of activity of the subthalamic nucleus
  • Grant funded: Pilot Study to Evaluate Movement Suppression Using Real-time Motor Physiological Feedback in Children with Tourette’s
  • Three year funded postdoc position available. Topic is fronto-basal-ganglia systems for action control.
  • UCSD Press Release on how Surprise Disrupts our ‘Train of Thought’
  • First annual conference on Control Processes in Nov 2016
  • San Diego Basal Ganglia Dinner Club