Cognitive neuroscience of response control

We study the control of inappropriate response tendencies. We do this by developing behavioral experiments in the tradition of cognitive psychology, and then studying the underlying brain architecture using electrocorticography and deep brain local field potentials, scalp EEG, functional MRI, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. We also study neurological patients.

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- 26 days ago

Our replication plus more: Stimulus devaluation induced by stopping is greater for explicit value representation https://t.co/5NeqmrJ4Ms

- 26 days ago

Right IFC debate @TrendsCognSci: Hampshire and Sharp https://t.co/3J61Yojakr respond to Aron, Cai, Badre & Robbins https://t.co/ak4tOpSZoB

- 159 days ago

Excellent review paper: The subthalamic nucleus, oscillations and response inhibition: http://t.co/4GBm4dqVpH


Graduate student positions (December deadline). Please apply through psychology graduate program or neuroscience graduate program or both.