Cognitive neuroscience of response control

We study how people control themselves. In experimental psychology, this is the field of “executive function” or “cognitive control”. More specifically, we study the control of (inappropriate) response tendencies. We design behavioral paradigms that try to mimic response control in more naturalistic settings. And we study the underlying brain systems using various imaging and stimulation methods in healthy volunteers as well as neurological patients, and more recently in mice.

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- 22 days ago

RT @russpoldrack: STN is necessary and sufficient for behavioral response suppression https://t.co/lEpHhM2lXq beautiful opto mouse validat…

- 22 days ago

Happy to say our work published today on the Causal Role for the subthalamic nucleus in behavioral interruptions… https://t.co/Qrj5nHOLt7

- 72 days ago

Great new task for testing how unexpected events (putatively recruiting stopping system) interrupt working memory… https://t.co/5OlKANefIM