Climate Crisis

“Every decade is consequential in its own way, but the twenty-twenties will be consequential in a more or less permanent way. Global C02 emissions are now so high – in 2019, they hit a new record of 43 billion metric tons – that ten more years of the same will be nothing short of cataclysmic. Unless emissions are reduced, and radically, a rise of two degrees C (3.6 F) will be pretty much unavoidable by 2030. This will make the demise of the world’s coral reefs, the inundation of most low-lying island nations, incessant heat waves and fires and misery for millions – perhaps billions – of people unavoidable” – Elizabeth Kolbert, 2020.

There is a limited time-window to turn down fossil fuel emissions before global heating produces even more catastrophic effects. Dozens of cities and some entire countries have now declared a planetary emergency. Adam is involved in various actions to bring attention to the climate crisis and to create institutional change. These activities include: Academic SenateGreen New Deal at UCSD climate movementTeachingScholarship and Research.

  • Key literature about anthropogenic global heating.
    • 1. Science: Jeffrey Bennett’s basic primer [free]
    • 2. Science: James Hansen’s nutshell document [free]
    • 3. Impacts: David Wallace-Well’s ‘Uninhabitable Earth’, magazine [free], book
    • 4. Personal coming to terms with science: Climate Changed, a Graphic Novel by Philippe Squarzoni, book.
    • 5. Sociopolitical: Naomi Klein’s capitalism vs. the climate, book.
  • The leaked report from JP Morgan Chase, including the statement that “… it is clear that the earth is on an unsustainable trajectory. Something will have to change at some point if the human race is going to survive.“!
  • The UCSD Academic Senate Task Force on Climate Crisis Report.
  • How academics can respond to the climate crisis.
  • See our petition to Society for Neuroscience to decarbonize.
  • Take a class with Adam in 2020.
  • Join collective action through the UCSD Green New Deal.

FIGURE: ACCELERATING GLOBAL HEATING. From James Hansen Dec 14, 2020: The rate of global warming accelerated in the past 6-7 years. The deviation of the 5-year (60 month) running mean from the linear warming rate is large and persistent; it implies an increase in the net climate forcing and Earth’s energy imbalance, which drive global warming.