Researching, Teaching & Organizing on The Climate Crisis

From cognitive neuroscience to the climate crisis

After 20 years of doing cognitive neuroscience, Prof Aron shifted to teaching, researching and organizing on the climate and ecological crisis.

These pages document the earlier research effort and the new climate psychology and action lab.

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- 13 hours ago

@KA_Nicholas: Tough love from a climate scientist: "Many of you are freaking out about climate deniers, who are a small but vocal group. Meanwhile, I’M freaking out about YOU: the concerned but passive majority. Stopping climate heating depends on YOU getting active." https://t.co/xun9HS5l3z

- 1 day ago

@FosFreeResearch: 1. BREAKING: WE JUST WON OUR FIRST OFFICIAL FOSSIL FREE RESEARCH POLICY! 🧵📰 @Princeton has announced what represents the 1st official FFR policy at a university-wide level: refusing to take research money/grants from 90 fossil fuel companies. Read more👇 https://t.co/iZ4G3AwDdm

- 1 day ago

We are launching our IRB-approved research study next week with ~ 30 participants. They will learn the skills of collective action organizing to achieve emissions reduction on campus. Ambitious, disruptive. Can we learn anything generalizable? Can we scale to your school later? https://t.co/JdTePvohZL

- 7 days ago

So clever! #BanFossilAds @BrandalismUK Where I am, we have: - ExxonMobil touting collaborations with University of California scientists in greenwashing propaganda for carbon capture and sequestration. - Buses driving around with "clean natural gas" on the side. https://t.co/WU1UnHWsAN