Researching, Teaching & Organizing on The Climate Crisis

From cognitive neuroscience to the climate crisis

After 20 years of doing cognitive neuroscience, Prof Aron shifted to teaching, researching and organizing on the climate and ecological crisis.

These pages document the earlier research effort and the new climate psychology and action lab.

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- 4 days ago

So clever! #BanFossilAds @BrandalismUK Where I am, we have: - ExxonMobil touting collaborations with University of California scientists in greenwashing propaganda for carbon capture and sequestration. - Buses driving around with "clean natural gas" on the side. https://t.co/WU1UnHWsAN

- 4 days ago

Brilliant writing by student journalists at UC San Diego about local climate action by @ucsdgreennewde1 this week during the Regents Meeting. https://t.co/5hFgYlGUSE @BrownClair @canuclagroup @HuisingLab @mg_zlatnik @briansiana @jean23bean @Katiesteelebro https://t.co/OkxATFIWZn

- 4 days ago

@RealFoodNagy: The beginning of the end of fossil fuels in homes 🥳 California just committed to phasing out the sale of polluting gas furnaces & water heaters by 2030— a move that will supercharge the market for heat pumps, improve air quality & cut climate pollution. https://t.co/u7NBK0Fy3E https://t.co/4EDA565b2L

- 4 days ago

@michaelvandenb6 I agree Michael. Not wishing a panacea. 3 thoughts in my head at the same time: individual actions count, individual actions done collectively count more, institutional commitments with accountability count even more. Stock-and-flow issue: drain must exceed faucet. Else heating