Researching, Teaching & Organizing on The Climate Crisis

From cognitive neuroscience to the climate crisis

After 20 years of doing cognitive neuroscience, Prof Aron shifted to teaching, researching and organizing on the climate and ecological crisis.

These pages document the earlier research effort and the new climate psychology and action lab.

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- 27 days ago

@ucsdgreennewde1: Today!! And please come to our End of Year Celebration from 5 to 6pm of ALL the impacts we have had: 🍾plans to retire fossil gas plants on 3 campuses, 🍾fossil finance divestment (Chase leaving, UC retirement) 🍾coalition building & 🍾a general ed teaching requirement at UCSD https://t.co/CNemXo45vk

- 28 days ago

@HersbachThom "Such funding poses serious reputational risks to Stanford & the Doerr School, which might have its name used to promote climate denial, greenwashing and policies that delay climate action." @StanfordDaily @FosFreeResearch

- 28 days ago

@HersbachThom: Stanford's Doerr School of Sustainability received $1.7 billion in funding. Should it also accept money from fossil fuel companies? In this op-ed, I analyze the engagement criteria laid out by the school's dean; no fossil fuel companies meet them. https://t.co/mxs0jXmIBl

- 28 days ago

Context: These are the automatic funds that UC people get their retirements put into. It's a big thing that UC makes this change, but it doesn't include companies that service the carbon industry (pipelines) & burn & finance it. Still need transparency: https://t.co/WBqh9bV9SJ