Researching, Teaching & Organizing on The Climate Crisis

The lab has parallel streams:

(1) We study how people control themselves. In experimental psychology, this is the field of “executive function” or “cognitive control”. We design behavioral paradigms and study the underlying brain systems using imaging and stimulation methods in healthy volunteers as well as neurological patients.

(2) Prof Aron is also Teaching, Organizing and Researching around the climate crisis.

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- 7 days ago

Dear UC Regents: Please take the Climate Emergency seriously. The current policy relying on bogus offsets aims at looking good not doing good - the UC's carbon emissions have not changed in decades. Please adopt policy to reduce emissions asap. If not us, who? If not now, when? https://t.co/576Bd8wvlq

- 18 days ago

@jasonhickel: The climate crisis reveals that our civilization has never really been organized around science, contrary to the usual Enlightenment narrative. It is organized around capital. Science is embraced when it serves the interests of capital, and is often ignored when it does not.

- 25 days ago

NIH Director: "Maybe we underinvested in research on human behavior". Meanwhile, this report showed that 6 federal agencies had scarcely funded a single thorough behavioral study on emissions reduction, while giving 12 billion/yr to technology 'solutions'. https://t.co/r4SjWSAE7C https://t.co/IzJqtZ5nih

- 26 days ago

@AndrewDessler @theAGU Bravo. A physical scientist showing some emotion. But why exactly is this so rare and how can it be encouraged? Interesting article on this: https://t.co/DAKOU7kGgy and by @w_knorr https://t.co/vuaQMjb6dt


  • Nov 2021: Our new documentary is released: Coming Clean – A Demand For a Fossil Free UC. YouTube
  • Sept 2021: Congratulations to Sumitash on acceptance by Psychological Science of his paper: “Mind-wandering impedes response inhibition by affecting the triggering of the inhibitory process”
  • Aug 2021: Congratulations Dr Kelsey Sundby on your successful PhD thesis defense, Aug 26th!
  • July 2021: Ricci’s paper “Towards real-world generalizability of a circuit for action-stopping” is published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience.
  • July 2021: Adam interviews social and environmental psychologist Kelly Fielding and grassroots organizer Masada Disenhouse.
  • April 2021: Adam is interviewed by the UCSD Climate Change Review on the psychology of collective action and activism on campus.
  • March 2021: Ricci and Vignesh have papers accepted
  • March 2021: Anna’s Stage 1 pre-registered report on climate activism is accepted at Royal Society – Open Science, see Castiglione et al.