Researching, Teaching & Organizing on The Climate Crisis

From cognitive neuroscience to the climate crisis

After 20 years of doing cognitive neuroscience, Prof Aron shifted to teaching, researching and organizing on the climate and ecological crisis.

These pages document the earlier research effort and the new climate psychology and action lab.

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- 1 day ago

@canuclagroup: Upcoming Speaker Event at UCLA! 🚨 General Audience Title: The Essential Role of Social Mobilization in Confronting the Climate Crisis Join Adam R. Aron who will be discussing the climate crisis. More information is available at: https://t.co/fnDkVACE20 https://t.co/7rY0jiEh3F

- 2 days ago

@ProfBillMcGuire: I'm sorry, but the 'final warning' was years back It is now practically impossible to stop a 1.5C rise, so we cannot sidestep dangerous climate breakdown But we must fight for every 0.1C rise to stop dangerous becoming cataclysmic https://t.co/rbovxSzg2z

- 2 days ago

"Offsetting, Insetting, Science-Based Can-Kicking". Come join us tomorrow to hear @JamesGDyke speak about the pressing need for large institutions to Get Off The Gas Now! @NaomiOreskes @BenFranta @GeoffreySupran @mzjacobson @amywestervelt @emorwee @MaibachEd https://t.co/9iOyJRjlPr

- 6 days ago

@russpoldrack: Have been reading "The Climate Crisis" by @swaziadam - it is a very clear explication of the issues from several different angles. Highly recommended! https://t.co/SD4C3RJafs