Researching, Teaching & Organizing on The Climate Crisis

From cognitive neuroscience to the climate crisis

After 20 years of doing cognitive neuroscience, Prof Aron shifted to teaching, researching and organizing on the climate and ecological crisis.

These pages document the earlier research effort and the new climate psychology and action lab.

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- 5 days ago

In such places as California & [some of] Europe the control lever to transition electricity, buildings & transportation is at the agency, regulator & city level. These often already have big goals to cut emissions - we need a CITIZEN PUSH to IMPLEMENT. @JustinHGillis @hal_harvey https://t.co/XOjFH1jP5j

- 5 days ago

@ScientistRebel1: Adam has done us all a great service by providing a wide-ranging, accessible treatment of the climate crisis & its solutions in this new book. It's great for self-study or as a basis for a course on the topic. We need educators across universities to step up. This book can help. https://t.co/COdWIHpNkm

- 6 days ago

Are you a physical/bio scientist who feels unprepared to teach psycho-social-economic-justice aspects? Are you a humanities-scholar/social-scientist who feels unprepared to teach physical science? My new book, with materials, provides a broad treatment: https://t.co/f9bFxk2YLy

- 11 days ago

@ucsdgreennewde1: Our organization in solidarity with striking academic workers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography ... and the wider rally outside Geisel Library. @sruuaw @UCSD_Unions_UAW https://t.co/m0dNmPsM9Q