‘Aron’s description of the physical climate system is one of the clearest I’ve read.’

Thomas Dietz – Michigan State University; author of Decisions for Sustainability: Facts and Values

‘The Climate Crisis does a great job of connecting the climate science … with the evolving scholarship on how we approach – and could change our approach – to systemic risks and dread of climate change, which is arguably the greatest challenge we face as a species.’

Daniel Kammen – University of California, Berkeley; and Former Science Envoy, Department of State in the Obama-Biden Administration

‘This is a tremendous book on the climate crisis … The insights on social and psychological dynamics are designed to make it much more than just information: this is a how-to manual on how you can become an effective climate activist and advocate. I have already recommended it to everyone I’ve met since reading it.’

Julia K. Steinberger – University of Lausanne

‘This book is a tour de force … With unparalleled clarity, Aron explains the history of the climate change debate, the complex psychology of why we have failed to act and what cutting-edge social and behavioral science research has to say about how to engender the large-scale societal change needed to manage the most existential crisis of our time.’

Sander van der Linden – University of Cambridge and former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Environmental Psychology