Climate Activism

“Every decade is consequential in its own way, but the twenty-twenties will be consequential in a more or less permanent way. Global C02 emissions are now so high – in 2019, they hit a new record of 43 billion metric tons – that ten more years of the same will be nothing short of cataclysmic. Unless emissions are reduced, and radically, a rise of two degrees C (3.6 F) will be pretty much unavoidable by 2030. This will make the demise of the world’s coral reefs, the inundation of most low-lying island nations, incessant heat waves and fires and misery for millions – perhaps billions – of people unavoidable” – Elizabeth Kolbert, environmental writer, 2020.

“We biologists are surprisingly expensive to educate, with all the labs and field courses. And then as researchers, we just sit in our offices, acting as scribes of death around us, writing about biodiversity loss and doing nothing about it. Academics should return to the society, set their feet to the ground and show that we are actually really worried, instead of trying to just have it our way.” – Ecologist in Scandinavia

Adam and members of the Climate Psychology and Action lab are involved in many activist endeavors: