Neuroscience Lab

Adam Aron

Professor in the Psychology Department and faculty member in UCSD Neuroscience Graduate Program | CV | Google Scholar.

Adam hails from Southern Africa (eSwatini), studied at the Universities of Cape Town and Edinburgh, did PhD at Cambridge University and was a postdoc at UCLA.

Ricci Hannah

Assistant Project Scientist
Ricci is from the UK, most recently University College London.

Sumitash Jana

Sumitash did his PhD at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

Vignesh Muralidharan

Vignesh did his PhD at Indian Institute of Technology Madras in Chennai.

Kelsey Sundby

Graduate Student
Kelsey did a BA in psychology and biology at the University of Virginia. She then spent two years doing research at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. She is an NIH pre-doctoral fellowship awardee.

Pria Daniel

Graduate Student
Pria was an undergraduate at UCLA.  She is a recipient of the Cota-Robles Fellowship

Climate Psychology & Action Lab

Anna Castiglione

Graduate Student Collaborator
Anna received a MA from UCSD in psychology, where she was a recipient of the Jerri-Ann and Gary E. Jacobs Endowed Fellowship. She is currently doing a Masters degree in Climate Physics in Trento Italy.


Tajairi Neuson

Undergraduate Student
Tajairi is a 4th year UCSD student majoring in English literature and minoring in climate change studies.

Ella Miles-Urdan

Undergraduate Student
Ella is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Public Law. She is a member of the UCSD Green New Deal climate justice movement.


Jan Wessel PhD, assistant professor University of Iowa

Yu-Chin Chiu PhD, assistant professor Purdue

Nitin Gupta PhD, assistant professor Indian Institute of Technology

Nicki Swann PhD, assistant professor U Oregon

Ian Greenhouse PhD, assistant professor U Oregon

Adnan Majid MD PhD, psychiatrist Los Angeles

Weidong Cai PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Caitlin Oldenkamp, UCLA medical school

Jobi George, Mathworks in Bangalore, India

Christina Lewis, research assistant, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Scott Freeman, PhD, Sony corporation, California

Johanna Wagner, PhD, postdoc UCSD

Dawn Finzi, graduate student Stanford

Henri Skinner, graduate students UCSB

Priya Bisarya, Yale medical school

Alexander Friedman, Duke University